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    Sharp Philippines Provides Better Solutions for a Better Life

    Since its foundation in 1912, Sharp has been producing a wide variety of products, from home appliances to business equipment, contributing to the people and the society. Sharp intends to support the lives of consumers around the world not only at their homes, but also at their offices and etc. Today, Sharp is known as […]

    Akihabara Electrical Town x Sharp 8K TV Experience Event
    Watch 8K/4K Images in the Town of Latest Technology in Japan

    In Japan, new 4K/8K satellite TV broadcast has started on Decmeber 1st, 2018, and the picture quality, especially that of 8K channel, impresses everyone with its overwhelming reality. Although it has become easier to see 8K images with 8K TVs displayed in stores,? there are still many people who do not have the opportunity to […]

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