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    SOCC*1, Sharp’s Manufacturing Base in China, Wins Enterprise Standard*2 Forerunner*3 Award

    A scene from the award ceremony


    SOCC, Sharp’s Manufacturing Base in China, won the fiscal 2019 Enterprise Standard Forerunner Award presented by China National Institute of Standardization and Tianjin Tianfu Testing Technology Co., Ltd. (OAT).


    Certificate for Enterprise Standard Forerunner


    The Enterprise Standard Forerunner Award is an annual award established since 2018. SOCC was the only Multi-Function Printer manufacture and sales company in China to receive this award this time.

    OAT commemorated SOCC for its Enterprise Standard upon manufacturing the and models being higher in level compared with national standards (GB standards) in items such as image quality, functions, power consumption, environment correspondence, and reliability etc.

    A ceremony was held at the Annual Summit of Enterprise Standard Forerunner on November 6.


    Award-winning MX-C6081DV

    Award-winning MX-B6081D


    *1 Sharp Office Equipments (Changshu) Co.,Ltd.
    *2 Self-Control Standards applying product quality standards and China regulations.
    *3 A system to select top-level members enterprise standard submitted by the State Council of China and announced by State Administration for Market Regulation.

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