• A New Era of Home Appliances

    AIoT connects home appliances to the cloud and continuously learns usage patterns. With the AIoT cloud connection, home appliances will continue to evolve and become easier to use, such as learning daily usage patterns and automatically downloading the latest functions.

    Diverse Partnerships for Diverse Services

    In recent years, the “smart home” sector, in which home appliances are controlled via mobile devices or AI smart speakers, is expanding rapidly. Sharp’s Smart Life concept goes beyond such features, meeting a diverse range of day-to-day needs by connecting household appliances and services.

    Realizing this approach will require high-level analysis of users’ routines, life stages, and dietary and other preferences, in order to develop an in-depth understanding of individual users. Making this Smart Life a reality requires a platform to connect appliances from Sharp or products and services from other manufacturer to the IoT.

    Therefore, Sharp is working to develop AIoT ecosystem that has compatibility to a range of product based on the open–source approach to bring users fresh value in diverse fields.