• An AIoT World Enriched by Diverse Partnerships and Services

    Making the most of AIoT Data

    Sharp’s AIoT platform has the ability to learn and analyze user routines and processes through big data analytics, and proposes optimal operations and services for various situations. The handling of personal information is therefore of central importance, calling for shared frameworks that remain sensitive to customers’ privacy while still allowing data to be effectively utilized.

    Sharp respects and protects the user’s personal information and privacy under the laws and regulations of each country when providing AIoT functions using big data.

    Sharp is a core member of a cross-business smart home initiative that was launched in 2017 by Japan Electronics and Information Technology Development Organization. This partnership is a platform that enables sharing of information and resources with industry partners.

    A Spirit of Open Innovation

    Sharp is sharing IoT data and assets with various partners and cooperate to develop new services and integrated with external platform. Current partners engaged is Secom Co., Ltd., KDDI Corporation and Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. in Japan. Sharp’s AIoT designed to make user’s lifestyle and activities easier and meaningful.

    New Services Provided in Partnership with other Businesses

    With KDDI Corporation: au HOME/with HOME family monitoring service (launched October 1, 2019) What the service does: Detects the operational status of appliances that are registered to Sharp’s smart home app, such as TVs and air conditioners, to check up on children who are home alone or family members who live on their own.

    With Secom Co., Ltd.: TV option for Secom Mimamori Phone service (launched October 1, 2019) What the service does: Unobtrusively keeps an eye on relatives who live on their own by linking with TVs registered to the smart home app and checking whether the power switch is being turned on and off.