• Beginning with the launch of the mobile robot phone RoBoHoN in April 2016, Sharp has rolled out a total of 366 product models* with AIoT support in 11 device and appliance categories, from home appliances to audio visual products, and more. Today in Japan, over a million devices are connected to the Sharp AIoT platform, providing benefits to users every day. Sharp continues to expand the lineup, with the target of reaching over 400 different models by 2020 and expanding the services to ASEAN region and worldwide.

    * As of February, 2020.

    AIoT Smart Life Appliances

    Six New Kinds of Value

    Constant evolution powered by AIoT cloud services
    • Enjoy newl y added features and continuous improvement.
    • The more users, the smarter the AI.
    Easy, voice-activated control
    • Access feature via simple command.
    • Touchless operation.
    Full use of all features – without memorizing a manual
    • Let AI suggest and/or select the optimal feature for you.
    • Leverage AI’s growing ability to operate automatically.
    Time-saving benefit
    • Control and monitor via smartphone.
    • Integrated services in diverse fields.
    Intelligent energy saving
    • AI help to control and manage product usage.
    Maintenance for lasting performance
    • AI help to monitor product condition for optimum performance.