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    Birthday surprise for mom

    “Microwave, 500 watts, three minutes.”
    “Microwave now set at 500 watts for three minutes.”
    Voices emerge from the kitchen—one is Mom, the other is Healsio.
    “I wonder what’s for dinner,” Riku says to his older sister, Misaki.
    This spring Riku started fourth grade.
    Misaki, not taking her eyes from the TV, replies, “I heard Healsio say
    we’ve been having meat quite often lately, and it suggested we try fish.”

    “I’m home!” announces Kenichi, their dad.
    “Hi Dad. You’re home early today.” Riku starts telling him about his school day—about a cooking lesson
    where they made scrambled eggs, and about how he had trouble cracking the eggs without making a mess.
    “Riku, it sounds like you’re as hopeless at cooking as I am!”
    Emi, the mom, breaks into their conversation:
    “Kenichi, it’d really help if you could do some cooking for a change.
    I’ve been busy at work lately and I’m tired.
    Can’t you be the cook once in a while?” Kenichi and Riku exchange awkward glances.

    Later that night, after dinner and a bath, Emi is drying her hair.
    Meanwhile, in the living room, Kenichi and Riku are chatting in their pajamas.
    “It’s almost Mom’s birthday. We should prepare a surprise meal for her,” says Riku.
    “That’s a great idea,” replies Dad. “But we’re not much good at cooking,
    so I don’t know what we can make.”
    “Mom gets Healsio to show her recipes all the time,” notes Riku.
    “And she uses her smartphone to search for recipes, too.”
    Dad concurs, “Yeah, I heard there’s an app for that. I’ll download it to my smartphone.”

    That weekend, Kenichi and Riku head out, just the two of them.
    While having lunch at a restaurant, Kenichi launches the COCORO KITCHEN
    app on his smartphone and the two look at the screen. Emi’s birthday is coming up next week.
    “How about roast chicken?” suggests Dad. “I think Mom would love it.”
    “Beef steak would be better,” Riku insists.
    “You’re just saying that because you like beef!” says Dad.
    “How did you guess?” concedes Riku. “Either way, we’ll have to peel and chop the veggies. That’ll be a hassle.”
    “No problem,” says Dad. “We can have the ingredients all prepared and delivered to us.”
    With that, Kenichi shows Riku the Healsio Deli page.

    Today is Emi’s birthday. Taking a half-day holiday from work,
    Kenichi gets home earlier than Riku.
    The doorbell rings. The ingredients from Healsio Deli have arrived.
    Riku gets home from school around 4 p.m.
    The two guys are now embarking on their first cooking adventure together.
    Emi will be home from work around 6 p.m., so they have to finish cooking by then.
    But they look totally relaxed.

    In fact, there isn’t much for them to do.
    They simply place the delivered ingredients on the cooking grill,
    place the grill in the Healsio oven, and press a menu button.
    Healsio automatically identifies the ingredients laid out on the grill
    and applies just the right amount of heat.
    All they have to do is wait. While they’re waiting, Kenichi and Riku decorate the room.
    Then Misaki comes home from dance practice.
    “Here’s something you don’t see every day: the two of you cooking!
    Well, I guess it’s Healsio that’s really doing the cooking.”

    While waiting for Emi to come home, Kenichi imagines the look of delighted surprise on her face.
    “If cooking is really this easy, I might do it more often,” thought Kenichi.
    “If I don’t know what to cook, I can just ask Healsio.”
    Perhaps one day you’ll be able to ask Healsio to think up
    a menu for
    the entire week’s meals, and it’ll even order all the ingredients for you online.
    Cooking would be so simple—just press a few buttons or chat to
    With all the time you save, you’ll be able to relax and spend more quality time with your family.
    It’s not science fiction any more. Scenarios like this could soon become reality.
    With AIoT, your future is beyond your imagination.

    This is how Sharp is changing the world.
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