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    Supporting my dance dreams

    “I’m home!” The moment she steps through the door,
    Misaki throws down her schoolbag,
    turns on the TV, and sits on the sofa. “I can’t wait to see them on TV.” Misaki is excited.
    But when the TV comes on, all she hears is an announcement: “There’s a lot of PM2.5
    in the air today. Be sure to gargle thoroughly and wash your hands.”
    “You sound like my mom!” jokes Misaki, before dutifully gargling, washing her hands,
    and returning to the TV.
    On the screen, a team of young people are giving a dance performance
    in front of a huge crowd. It’s Misaki’s favorite dance group competing in
    a world championship. She’d found out about the program on the train home,
    using the COCORO VISION app on her smartphone.

    Misaki is a 14-year-old junior high school student who simply loves to dance.
    She’s been taking dance lessons since she was five,
    and her dancing skills have made her something of a local celebrity.
    When she started junior high school, she was looking forward to
    joining the school dance club.
    But unfortunately there was no such club at her school.
    So Misaki and four of her dance-loving friends formed a team and
    began practicing on their own.
    They practice in the local park until dusk every day after school and even on weekends.
    They talk about their big dream of turning pro and dancing for audiences overseas.

    Misaki’s family has always supported her dance activities.
    Every day Emi, her mom, uses COCORO AIR to check levels
    of pollen
    and PM2.5—something her daughter needs to be careful of when practicing
    Her dad, Kenichi, drives her to dance competitions on his days off,
    often leaving early in the morning.
    And Riku, her 10-year-old brother, uses a smartphone to
    record videos
    of her dance practices.
    Another “member of the family” who supports Misaki is the TV.
    Over time, the family TV has learned that Misaki loves watching
    dance-related shows.
    So whenever a dance program is scheduled,
    the TV sends an alert to Misaki’s smartphone so she won’t miss it.
    Misaki tells her dance teammates about it on social media,
    and they all chat about it the next day.

    One Sunday afternoon, Misaki and her team are gathered in her living room.
    They’d made plans to watch a practice video from the day before.
    When the last member arrives, the living room’s
    air purifier automatically boosts its power up a notch.
    “Hey, why is the air purifier suddenly working so hard just because I’m here!?” she says, to the amusement of all.
    “It seems like there’s a lot of pollen in the air today. I guess that’s why the air purifier powers up when people come in from outside.”
    “Wow, can an air purifier do that kind of thing?”
    “Yeah, our air purifier ‘learns.’ If you want to be good dancers, you need to stay healthy and strong.
    That means keeping the air in this room clean.”
    Misaki proudly shows off the family air purifier to her friends.

    “You’re so lucky, Misaki. You’ve got your family, your TV,
    and even your air purifier looking out for you!” says her friend.
    “You never know,” adds another friend,
    “one of these days the TV might give you some dancing advice.
    Like, it’ll be showing our practice video and it’ll say, ‘Do a faster body roll here’ or ‘Try this song instead’.”
    “It’d be like the TV turning into our dance coach,” enthuses Misaki. “That’d be awesome!”
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